Terms of Service, Terms & Condition for hdlivebaseball.com

These are the terms and conditions that you agree to when you purchase a subscription package with us. You also agree not to give, download, sell or in any other way transfer information from our member's area to anyone else.


You will not give out any information from our site to anyone else, and we agree to keep your user information confidential. We do not share your information with any third parties. More information is available in the privacy policy.

You must not give out your membership information to others. If we find that there is more than one connection at the same time using your username and password, the system will ban you automatically. Also, our system checks for multiple logins from locations around the world and while you are allowed to access the system from any computer and from any location you may not share your membership information with others.

If you feel that any information that you have provided has been taken without your permission, contact us immediately using the contact form. By subscribing, you are agreeing and stating that you are age 18 or older and that you are legally entitled to watch the contents of the websites that you visit.

If you have any problems, you can contact us. Please allow us 24-48 hours to answer your question. We are not responsible if you do not provide us with the correct contact information with which to get in touch with you. If your subscription is misused or abused, we do have the right to remove you from our website.

Description of Goods or Services

Your subscription entitles you to access to our dedicated member's area. That will give you access to live baseball online, as well as access to other sporting events and movies and television shows. We do not own or host the streaming content. It all comes from third party sources. However, the member's area is updated daily with the latest links that you will need. Of course, since these are third-party sites, we cannot guarantee 24 hour up time, but in the event that a site is down, we strive to provide another way to watch the games that you want.

Subscription Fees

The only charge that you will pay is on the order form. There are no additional or hidden fees or any kind. You will also receive instant access once you have completed your payment, and be able to log in immediately.


Any payments made are set up as nonrecurring, which means that you do not have to cancel, since there will be no automatic rebill.

Transaction Security

Since we have more than 50,000 members, we take your account security very seriously and use the most secure options possible. Your account details are completely safe.